a surfeit of intentions


I'm not dead yet

Wow a month with no posts. I guess I haven't been feeling inspired. Here are some pictures from our camping trip last weekend.


Warehouse District and the Flats, some highlights

Where to stay if you come to Cleveland

Inside the Hyatt. Based on the fact that I saw housecleaning people walking around the top floor I believe this is actually the inside of the hotel as well as a shopping center and food court of sorts

Believe it or not, this is the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express. I would feel like I could do anything if I stayed here.


The Arcade WIP

Clean up your life or else

I hope it's not the narrow one...
ok...actually I moved the flyer for the previous picture (good catch Sara) but based on it's original location I guess we know where he'll be....W10th going north.


With just these standard household items you can create...

...well maybe you or I can't but some people can. While fantasy art doesn't do it for me, the skills and creativity of some of the artists, is undeniable. I've been intrigued with spray paint/can art for a few years now. This is one of the more impressive specimens I've encountered